Importance of Balancing Art & Technology in Photography

Understanding how to build web sites in middle school and high school led me toward interests in graphic design and art in general. Throughout and after college, I continued to expand my technical skills, as well as my knowledge and practice of art, in an effort to create unique online media. In a similar course, I at some point felt compelled to educate myself about the technical side of photography, from camera technology and operation, to lens designs and their different applications.

My Journey as a Web Developer & Graphic Designer

Having started off my career in high school as a freelance web developer, I had the opportunity to enhance my education at UCLA. During and after school, I continued to evolve as a freelance developer and creative consultant, while concurrently venturing into the world of marketing agencies and in-house marketing. This critical experience led me to some significant discoveries about how work gets done in various environments, and what clients and managers can expect from each scenario.