Importance of Balancing Art & Technology in Photography

Understanding how to build web sites in middle school and high school led me toward interests in graphic design and art in general. Throughout and after college, I continued to expand my technical skills, as well as my knowledge and practice of art, in an effort to create unique online media. In a similar course, I at some point felt compelled to educate myself about the technical side of photography, from camera technology and operation, to lens designs and their different applications. Knowing the possibilities and limitations of cameras and lenses naturally led me to study the art and history of photography in order to express concepts more easily and effectively. It was at this point where I began pushing technical boundaries, while still crafting my own style and sense of artistic integrity.

Architectural Photography

My love for special lenses and technical meticulousness was a good indication that I was going to persue architectural photography as a major passion of mine. A necessity of mine, to keep my images from being unrealistic and overwhelming, has instilled important limitations on my thirst to make dramatic images out of interesting but often hard to capture interiors and exteriors. Knowing how to make beautiful images entirely in-camera makes it possible to leverage numerous post-production techniques to get incredible images in difficult situations without producing something that looks unnatural. To take a look at a good example of my workflow and results, see my Adopt & Shop Architectural Photography.

Still Photography for Film & Television

Living in Los Angeles for almost a decade, I have amassed a great deal of respect and interest in all aspects of the entertainment industry. What interests me the most about shooting stills for film and television is that it requires me to always be thinking ahead and to find the best opportunities in every moment. Having done graphic design for a little over a decade, I know how my photography is going to be used. Therefore, it is up to my ability as a photographer to not only capture the right moments, in the right way, but also to find opportunities to push beyond just what is being filmed by the crew.

Product Photography

It takes quite a bit of work and skill to come out with even decent product photos, and it’s often the higher attention to detail that produces a better product photo with less reliance and time spent on post-processing, compositing, and retouching. Whether a client is shooting one or two products for advertisements, or much more than that, it is important to have a clear plan and understanding of the process from capture to print and/or online.